I help people feel freedom in their bodies.

I train bodies that are vulnerable,
those that are exceptional, and everyone in between.

I teach people to endure and always reach for more.

I train all bodies.

I teach a fitness method that
celebrates our differences.

Because of Pilates, I know that sometimes we must
regress in order to progress.

I know that change happens
through small acts over time.

And that improving one person’s wellbeing
can positively impact the entire community.

What is Pilates?

Pilates, named for its creator Joseph Pilates who developed the exercises in the 1920s, is a blend of flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance movements, offers numerous benefits to its regular practitioners. At its core (pun intended), Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles – the powerhouse of your body. This enhanced core strength leads to improved posture and alignment, reducing the risk of injuries and alleviating chronic back pain. As you engage in these exercises, your body not only becomes stronger and more capable, but also more toned and sculpted in areas like the abdomen, legs, arms, and buttocks.

Moreover, Pilates is renowned for improving flexibility. The controlled, stretching movements increase the range of motion in your joints, making your body more fluid and less prone to stiffness and aches. This increased flexibility is especially beneficial as you age, keeping the body supple and agile.

Another significant aspect of Pilates is its focus on balanced muscle development. Unlike some forms of exercise that can build bulk, Pilates elongates and strengthens, providing a leaner and more balanced physique. This balance in muscle development is crucial for sports performance, like skiing and snowboarding, daily activities, and maintaining a healthy body as you age.

In addition to physical benefits, Pilates also offers mental health perks. The requirement for concentration and precise movements during Pilates practice enhances mental focus and mindfulness, leading to reduced stress and increased mental clarity. The breathing techniques used in Pilates also aid in relaxation and can improve lung capacity and circulation.

Overall, Pilates is a comprehensive workout regime that not only reshapes your body, making it stronger and more flexible, but also positively influences your mental well-being, proving to be a holistic approach to health and fitness.

All of this is available and achievable at the Good Life Pilates studio right here in Nederland, Colorado, taught by Pamela Harrington. Use the form below to contact Pam for availability of classes or private sessions.

Thanks so much for the Pilates training, I will not be another hunched over dentist with neck and back pain. I am able to work and play (ski, bicycle, wakeboard, kitesurf, etc.) to my fullest.

Thanks Much

Andrew J RanucciDMD

Who is Pam Harrington?

Pam Harrington is the owner and head instructor at Good Life Pilates. She operates Good Life Pilates Studio in the heart of Nederland, a full-service studio with a full range of professional Pilates equipment, including reformers, towers, mats, chairs, barrel and a cadillac. Pam is certified in the Body Knowledge Method of Pilates, a classical Pilates program that encompasses over 650 hours of instruction in Anatomy, Physiology and Somatic Respiratory Integration. She bases each class and session on the needs of the participants.  She has also done extended training in Pilates for Back pain, Scoliosis, Pregnancy and knee rehabilitation. She has a very intuitive and therapeutic approach to Pilates.

Pam has earned over 300 hours of continuing education credits. She is passionate about Pilates and helping people to find ways to use their bodies more efficiently, athletically and without pain. She was worked with people ages 10-93 and of all different athletic ability levels. She has been teaching since 2008.

Pam has a B.A. in creative writing from Naropa University and enjoys drawing creative metaphors to help people connect with their bodies. In her spare time she enjoys Pilates, teaching riding lessons and workshops, snowboarding, gardening and spending time with her daughter, Kylie, and their dog, Lily and their horses Sunny and Abby at her home “Faery Star Farm”.

Good Life Pilates Class Schedule and Pricing

Good Life Pilates Class Schedule

We have resumed doing classes in person at the Good Life Pilates full-service Pilates studio on First Street in Nederland, Colorado. 

We’re busy creating new classes so if you don’t see a time that works for you, please contact me, call or text 303-748-0289

    • Monday 8:30AM
    • Monday 9:30AM
    • Tuesday 8:30AM
    • Tuesday 9:30AM
    • Wednesday 3:00PM
    • Thursday 9:30AM
    • Friday 8:30AM
    • Friday 9:30AM
    • Friday 2:00PM

My lower back and hips have been a constant source of increasing pain and distress for years and I thought I would soon be crippled, but Pam’s guided Pilates instruction has begun to turn things around. Today on my way home from my lesson, I found myself marveling at how good I actually felt. More amazingly, I had one of those bathroom slip’n’fall accidents the other day, and I thought I would be in pain for weeks, but all the work she’s put me through to develop my abdominal muscles seems to have allowed me to recover MUCH faster than I ever have before. Thanks Pam!

Karelle Scharff

Good Life Pilates Pricing

NOTE: All packages are non refundable and expire after one year from date of purchase. All classes are available by donation.

FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY: First private lesson for $48.00, a 5 pack for $325, or a 10 pack for $625.


Private Sessions

  • $85.00 Private session 
  • $385 for 5 private sessions
  • $750.00 10 private sessions


  • $32.00 Single class
  • $275.00 10 classes 

Duet Sessions

  • $55.00/person/single session
  • $275.00 each person 5 duets
  • $500.00 each person 10 duets
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What Others say?

Pam is a great instructor!  She starts out each session by asking me to check in with my body and then she takes it from there based on my feedback.  I love that approach.  It makes the sessions feel very personalized, even her classes feel that way, instead of a preplanned session with her own goals in mind.  I leave a session with Pam feeling refreshed, comfortable and content in my body, and yet challenged and invigorated.  I consider a session with Pam the best treat for my body, better than time at a spa.

Rebekah Fischer

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